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democrats. and what they can to not make this a referendum on obama of. it is a clear contrast. the house is definitely at play. republicans have a good chance of taking control of that. the senate, the republicans are within striking distance right
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there. >> some democrats are taking pleasure in some of the tea party wins. delaware was once a scherwin for republicans. -- was once a shoe in for republicans. >> my castle is now making some noise. he says that he may run as a right in. i am not clear on how that will affect that race. it may make it harder for the democrat to win. there are other states where the tea party candidate has made it harder. in nevada, sharon engle has given harry reid . he was all but dead just a few months ago. the same could be said in kentucky. rand paul is still in a slight
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lead. the republicans still have a lot of seats they can pick up in the fall. this could be a good day for them politically. >> it looks like congress will not tackle the bush era tax cuts. who do you think that will benefit to during the next few months? >> of the republicans always seem to take pleasure and evading taxes and accusing democrats of wanting to raise taxes. you saw last week, there was a chance for the democrats to have a vote and really show where the two parties stand. they decided not to have that vote. it is an indication that the party senses some vulnerability on this issue. income tax rates will increase after december 31, below their
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pre-2001 levels. they will have to reach some sort of compromise after november. >> congress is in session for more and more week. will they get anything done? >> most likely not. they could pass the resolution to keep the government running after september 30. they are trying to push a bill to present the offshore in of jobs. in the house, they will bring back a bill to help responders of 9/11. it probably will not pass again. the only substantive piece of legislation is the continuation. >> to keep the government going. >> thank you for joining us. >> there is a new book about the white house and the war in afghanistan.
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it is called "obama's war." woodward reports that some members of the president's national security team had doubts that sending more troops in woodwork. the book goes on sale this tuesday. at 130-year-old ban may be overturned. the takoma park city council will vote on whether stores can sell alcohol. it went into effect in 1883 because of the city's largely seventh-day adventist population. if the city decides to overturn the ban come muddied maryland general assembly will have the final say. -- the ban, the maryland general assembly will have the final say.
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maryland's first casino is set to open early. it is opening tomorrow. the finishing touches are being put on the casino in maryville. the staff is being trained. >> it will be an exciting place to place calls with a comfortable atmosphere. we think it will be really popular once we get the doors open. >> a 2008 referendum was voted for slots. two-thirds of the revenues go back to the state. it will create 250 jobs. 80 percent of them -- 80% of them will be local. it is the movie based on a worldwide obsession and it stars a justin toomer like. that is coming up next. lake.stin timber lak
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then, watch as you get closer to getting what you want. wish list is built to make saving a whole lot more fun. experience all the ways virtual wallet can help you save at pnc. for the achiever in us all. paid trial against and guantanamo detainee is set to get underway tomorrow. -- a trial against a guantanamo detainee is set to get underway tomorrow. tamara's court here are some first -- tomorrow's court
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hearing marks the first trial. it could be delayed. prosecutors said they expect to wrap up their case against two men accused of a deadly home invasion in connecticut. they are accused of taking a family hostage in 2007, sexually assaulting the daughters, and setting the house on fire. the mother was killed. the father managed to escape. of the bipartisan national commission on fiscal responsibility will meet this wednesday. president obama form this group this year to take on the task of reducing the federal deficit. it has a very tough task ahead. it has to present its plan by the end of the year to get the budget balanced by 2015. the story of facebook hits the screen on friday. the movie is called "the social network" and gives credence to
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the notion that the owner stole facebook from students at harvard. also, "case 39" opens. bradley cooper appears in the film. it was originally slated to release in 2008, but it has been pushed back three times. the redskins are back on the road next week. they will go to philadelphia to take on the eagles. the nationals will play the phillies this week. they will then head to new york friday through sunday to take on the mats. d.c. united is on the road this week. we will check our top headlines, including a bizarre tire slashing case. also, there is
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police are searching for a hit and run driver in silver spring. a 24-year-old woman was hit on carroll avenue last night. she is now the hospital with critical injuries. anyone with information on who the driver must be is asked to call police. a woman indicted in a high profile chevy chase case in 2004
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was found dead in her hospital room last night. a fellow patient was a charged in her murder. police returned to determine a motive. the tires of 31 vans and pickup trucks were found slashed this morning in the city of frederick. all the vehicles were work vehicles. we are looking at quite a bit of rain overnight and into rush-hour. >> it will stick around until at least tuesday. get used to it. get the umbrellas out. the wind is starting to pick up on pennsylvania avenue. light rain is falling across the district but has not mounted to a whole lot. the radar shows that band is stretching to dunkirk and all the way to del mar. off to the west of us, the shenandoah valley, that is where we are looking lighteat lighter
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showers. there are no flood watchers or advisory's right now. woodstock, va. is 60 degrees. a little more than a quarter of an inch of rain has fallen. lexington park, maryland is 66 degrees. temperatures for the official cause, reagan national was 76 degrees. the high-temperature was at around 12:30 this morning. it is 64 degrees in hagerstown. it is cooler air toward the
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north. there will be more moisture to the south. the satellite and radar shows that a an area of low pressure continues to develop. we will be in the bull's-eye for the heavier rain. the heaviest of the rain is likely to the south of us. it will go across western virginia and will eventually stood on out here by late tuesday. then there will be dry conditions for wednesday. but the rain totals will be impressive. in the metro area, it will be two inches. brolin net -- roanoke will be looking at 3 inches to 5 inches of rain. there will be a little bet avail lola in the action in the morning. -- a little bit of a lull in the action in the morning. we could be looking at a
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potential for severe thunderstorms tomorrow evening and tuesday morning. our temperatures will cool and then warmup. it will be 80 degrees on tuesday, the upper-70's on wednesday, and the weekend will be around 70 degrees. saturday and sunday will have high pressure. >> those are perfect temperatures. we just need a bit more rain. thank you. coming up, divorce lawyers [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon. time for football on verizon fios. the nfl in 100% fiber-optic hd quality. that's a good start. but what's this? i can check my fantasy stats without changing the channel. and get an alert any time my team enters the red zone. and then watch every red zone play on nfl redzone. watch out couch, you've got competition as daddy's favorite. it's time for fios.
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renewable electricity standard today. >> pictures post and on facebook are increasingly being used as evidence. >> we read about celebrities caught cheating on facebook or twitter. now lawyers are using social networking sites to catch cheaters. >> this is the new ring that my boyfriend just bought me. >> that is potent ammunition for a divorce lawyer. debbie body was shocked when she went to her husband's facebook page. now she's divorcing her husband of 18 years and worries about what her kids might see on facebook. >> they saw a picture of him and his girlfriend. i think they were not ready for that. >> you can get into a lot of
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trouble. >> lawyers are successfully fighting custody in child support cases. on facebook, lies can be revealed. >> business trips. i am supposed to be on a business trip in omaha, but here are pictures of me in cancun on that weekend. that could be very dangerous. >> over the past five years, 81% of the nation's top divorce lawyers say they have seen a dramatic increase in the number of court cases using social get any phone free only at verizon when you buy the hot new samsung fascinate with its super amoled screen. get a free samsung intensity, a free blackberry bold or any other phone in our lineup. don't miss out. offer ends september 30th. buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free.
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we have all heard that things are bigger in texas. apparently, they are longer, care. this is a pig and his dog named spuds a. but look at that time. -- this is a pekingese dog named pugsy. ongue.ok at that tim >> i have never seen anything like that before. we have rain with heavy rain and the overnight hours. tomorrow, you will need the umbrella. you will not need the sunglasses to mark. by wednesday, we will clear out nicely. -- you will not need the the sunglasses tomorrow.
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by wednesday, we will clear out nicely. >> have a great night.
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